Security & Life Safety

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Safety Communications Platform

LiveSafe is a mobile two-way safety communications App that gives Management & Security an immediate path to communicating important information. It further gives every member of the community a rich set of tools to manage their personal safety on a daily basis.

Security Overview

Security officers are on duty at the building console and tour throughout the property and garage twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The building also employs electronic surveillance devices throughout certain common areas. Two-way radio communication between the Management Office, Security console and property staff provide quick response to any issue.

The building is equipped with a security system, which is monitored 24-7 and has the following features:

  • Card access control for the main east plaza entrance, the VIP parking garage, main parking garage and elevators for after hours use
  • There are 186 cameras located on the property monitoring the common areas, building entrances and parking garage
  • 11 real time video recorders
  • 48 Blue Light Emergency monitored phones in parking garages
  • 20 Star Call phones in stairwells
  • 29 hands-free elevator phones linked to Security Console

Tenant Security Services

Tenants may require security services in addition to those typically provided on a day-to-day basis by the property’s security personnel. If extra security measures are required, the tenant should submit a work order through the Angus work order system to request these services. There is a cost associated with this service and it will appear on your monthly invoice.

Emergency Notification System - LiveSafe

LiveSafe is a mobile safety application and emergency communication dashboard platform. The LiveSafe Command Dashboard is a web-based system that any computer connected to the Internet can access. The command dashboard provides security operation centers with an additional line of communication and is aligned with existing Brookfield protocols.

Unlike other mass communication companies our staff and tenants will have the ability to not only receive but to also send critical emergency AND ROUTINE tips to a dashboard that YOUR BUILDINGS can monitor in house.

Below is a list of LiveSafe mobile application features that will be available to our tenants:

  • Button feature to contact security or property management directly.
  • Button feature to contact 911.
  • Button feature to have access to critical portions of the Tenant Emergency Procedure Manual (TEPM) and tabs for each emergency scenario.
  • The ability to report an emergency or tip and add a photo or video to send to the dashboard. This can also be done anonymously for privacy reasons.
  • The ability to use the Safewalk feature which will allow the tenant to have a colleague or co-worker monitor their activity when they are leaving the property, headed to the garage or to the train station OR TRAVELING OUT OF TOWN.
  • As long as their colleague has the LiveSafe app, Safewalk can be used in any capacity that a tenant wants a colleague to follow their path.

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