Parking - Place de Ville

Parking for 968 cars is available in Phase I on 5 sub-grade levels and for 770 cars in Phase II on 4 sub-grade levels 24 hours per day. Phase I and II parking facilities are connected on the P1 level through a sub-grade link.  Entrance to the garage is located on Kent, Queen and Albert Streets and is clearly marked by the parking "P" sign. Daily and monthly parking rates are posted at the garage office and cashier booths. These rates are subject to change from time to time.

The parking facility is managed by Impark.  All parking inquiries, issuance of monthly parking passes and parking validation tickets may be arranged by contacting Impark at 613-783-0957 or Issues with regards to service or courtesy should be addressed with the building manager.

For the protection and safety of all patrons, closed circuit cameras monitor the ticket spitter transactions and activities of vehicles entering the garage. Additionally, for your safety, there are 48 cameras located throughout the parking garage.

Pedestrian traffic on the garage entrance ramp is prohibited for the safety of all concerned.

Parking Application Form

There is currently a waiting list for monthly parking passes at Place de Ville. In order to be placed on the waiting list, please follow the link and fill in the information fields. For any additional questions regarding monthly passes, please contact our Impark office at 613-783-0957.

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