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The app was created to tell you about what's happening in your workplace community. The news feed let's you know what events are happening, what specials the retailers in your building are offering, and any important building notices. You can also register for events, save them to your calendar and you can get in contact with any of the building services offered at your location. You get to decide how you would like to receive notices and when you receive them.

You can download the app by clicking on one of the buttons below.

310-SERV on the App

You can now submit a 310-SERV service request through the myB Tenant App. Simply open myB Tenant App on your device and navigate to 310-SERV from the menu button. Your contact information only has to be entered once.

Click on the bottom to the left to watch a quick video on how to submit a 310-SERV request on the myB Tenant App.

Download the myB Tenant App for your device today!

myB Tenant App Web Portal

You can now access all of your myB Tenant App information on the web! The web portal gives you the exact same content that you would find on the app. Each piece of content that is posted on the app you will find in the myB Tenant App web portal - You can enter contests, RSVP for events, and submit a 310-SERV work request.

310-SERV on the Web Portal

You can submit at 310-SERV request through the myB Tenant App web portal. Click on the link below to log in with your myB Tenant App credentials. 310-SERV is located in the menu on the left side of the page.

If you do not have a myB Tenant App account, please register to submit your request.

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